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My Short Stories…

Foreboding (series)

This is not a normal…anything – and you will not understand how life got so weird when you enter the details and the world of very curiously deformed and malfunctioning members of society…are not what you think! It’s just odd and twistly different how waking up feels when you have a freshly informative detective of the paranormal and just weird stuff in general at your side.

The Foreboding Series…All Episodes/

Tales From The Undead (series)

Allow us to steal a few memories and glances into that most baneful and regretted aspect of our minds and worlds – the part of our psyches and hearts where no one honestly seriously wants to dive into and embrace. This is a land of very nasty plots, thoughts and severely hated…just too many things to count. If you wish to remember the nitty gritty aspects of our reality, then what are you waiting for – let’s include you in on this gut rushing ride down…honestly, whatever you make of this trip to be your very own surprising conclusion.

Tales From The Undead…All Stories

Aborted (series)

Here we go with very tumultuous events that lead almost no where good – but technically everywhere bad and frighteningly hilariously…just crazed and end of the world-like anarchy in your mind and head, and in the streets in general. No one can know for sure, how any of this will turn out, and that will literally just be a thing for – just, whoever that wants to understand how life turns out after very seriously life and mentality shattering events take your own vision and wisdom about what’s right and wrong…and just shoves all of that in the nearby sewer. These aren’t the best or brightest events or stories, but you can bet your ass and face cheeks that you will never be the same again after this very gut twisting series of curiously terrifying events unfolds before your mind and eyes.

Aborted…All Episodes

Embracing In The Shadows (series)

These days don’t go by fast enough, and we seriously just have to bring ourselves into that next level of love, light and truth to ascend to that next…and even here, no one really cares, but we all vaguely want to listen in, and that kind of sucks.

Embracing In The Shadows…All Stories

Uproar (series)

This is no laughing matter – and the more we push into situations that technically don’t matter and that should not exist…let’s just say that the world keeps moving forward even when we have to forego comfort in favor of a better life and world. It doesn’t even make sense that reality should be so volatile, but I promise you that this is legitimately the world we live in. There’s no pulling down or out of things that can be this grossly intentionally hideously overgrown – and that’s where my team and I step in.

Uproar…All Episodes

Cementing My Mark Into Eternity (series)

When the world fights back against legitimately genuine and positive efforts to make everything better – you know that big brother and the reptilians are out there trying to mess everything up. This wouldn’t have ended any other other way than for us to become the best of ourselves over time and for nasty ill warranted actions to just kill us all in very hated and descriptive waves that literally just made the evil people go away, and caused the good people to get stronger. I won’t say that any of this was easy, but it hurt in the worst ways possible – because this was life and death mixed together in a very bad way, almost to the point that no one wanted to live anymore, and that wasn’t a problem – but we did the best we could to move forward into the twilight of whatever was dealt to us, and came next.

Cementing My Mark Into Eternity…All Episodes

To Hire Out Thy Death (series)

This is not about war or even smaller battles that we have to wage between communities, devastation and other crap that no one wants to deal with. I was and will always be a…not even mercenary, but a weapon of choice – and the gods have allowed me to offer my services to those who need it most, and that is my newest and most honored calling. Lots of deathly blood, guts and not even glory – but pained defeat and mortality fill these pages, and none of it goes for good uses, so I must warn you all, and just feel into that sorrowful emotion of wishing the world were different, because it is, but not in the way that you and others – just don’t take anything the wrong way, and this journey won’t be bad at all, I don’t promise a thing, but I do let all my customers have a peak of their merchandise at the end of every completed purchase. That is all I can offer for now.

To Hire Out Thy Death…All Stories

To Feast Upon The Fire (series)

Hate and reality almost do not directly mix – and we have to live and rise above everything that holds us back. Which is exactly what this is and is not about in general…because who the fuck knows what anything like this will be, and nope – it’s all supposed to be very black and horrifically…just not what anyone could indirectly expect.

To Feast Upon The Fire…All Stories

My Contraption (series)

To twist and shove…very heavy and jagged, sharp things where they do not belong – is not a very safe or risk free activity. We just all have to be aware that all bets are completely shot to death, and that we are now lying in a very low – but intensely deep pit of our own…almost sadly self created – something very interesting that we just need to explore further.

My Contraption…All Episodes

To Sing Of Torture (series)

Bringing…not even pain – but a glorious new experience to those who need to understand discomfort, and the extremes of agony…all of these people will help create the songs of very bright painful discomfort in a very new, chilling – and horrifying new way of viewing and seeing this beautiful miraculously created world.

To Sing Of Torture…All Episodes

Making Death Laugh At Itself (series)

These are not uncertain times…but when you get into something so crazy that even the ghosts and ghouls know that something big is coming. We all just need to passively and indirectly understand that death and mortality can be so ridiculously hilarious and…just funny that other stuff might just combust upon itself in very crazy ways.

Making Death Laugh At Itself…All Episodes

To Bring Blood To Cold Hands (series)

To split life into soul and…whatever else remains, is never a kind act. Which is why we have to hold firm and just be stupidly good to each other – and that almost means that our manners and public areas needs to be stronger…or else enemies and very violent strangers might literally cut us apart – and that isn’t a very good story…until it gets told.

To Bring Blood To Cold Hands…All Stories

To Lift That Wicked Curse (series)

Tearing down the realms and illusions of this reality do not…directly help us with what we need to understand. Everything has its limits, and we might accidentally come across our own in this land and – possibly beyond, where the aliens and big brother people gather and hang around. This is going to hurt a bit, and nope…all of it is supposed to happen.

To Lift That Wicked Curse…All Stories

Destroying The Green Storm (series)

Big brother influence can be a very fool hardy experience to meddle with – but with solomon and…I think his name was something like plato – on our side…everything just gets that much more tragically exciting and dementedly terrifying. Almost day by day.

Destroying The Green Storm…All Stories

To Remember Our Morbid Past (series)

Untold…memories and faces of the – older generation of beings that have lived, arrived – and just settled into our pasts and this planet…have to come back to the surface, and we must – just openly embrace the whole mess of images. This way…we might eventually understand…who we truly are, in the end.

To Remember Our Morbid Past…All Episodes

Monster Tales (series)

Examine…how badly crazy, and enormously grisly and frustrating…dealing with the undead, banshees…and other craziness, such as the ghouls, ghosts – and ghasts! Because life gets crazy when you have a spectre, and undead wretch – taking apart your life – piece, by piece. Let’s just say that nothing will ever be safe…ever – sadly – again…due to the severe mental, and emotional negligence, of all…mankind.

Monster Tales…All Stories

Embracing The Cataclysm (series)

Very intense – and hardcore…situations, dictate what we go through – and what happens in this reality. If everyone were to keep their minds – and heads on straight through this entire ordeal…that would be alright, but it never happens that way, and we just have to deal with the fact that enormous change is coming in the form of very powerful situational…disasters coming apart, and destroying themselves back together.

Embracing The Cataclysm…All Stories

Influencing The Shift (series)

This all had to be way – crazier and deeper than anyone else…on the planet had ever heard of. And that meant that – very intensely deep impossible stuff, had to happen on a very continual basis. All of that just meant that people and things were way different than what anyone had ever thought of before – and this was all just going to slap together, and become something else – different over time. Influence is not what anyone ever thought…and this shit just had to be uncovered and studied – very deeply, until a full life storm of regret…accidentally filled the masses.

Influencing The Shift…All Stories

Bringing Heat To Fury (series)

Making sure all life elements for…all people involved in these events – just makes little sense, because everyone might be wrong…and it might just be some solemn efforts that helps – piece things together over time. That is – almost always, a problem…and knowing that war, and the many battles of this life – just do not directly hold any sway with the lords, and emperors – of mercy, and surrender. The gods of love and – death…just do not want – things to get worse, and that might be why we had to dive in – and just help things, and each situation…from maxing out on violent emotional – and love related, crazy sexual tension. Because life is about love, and extremely – intensely insane – situations of elevated fear, angst – and passion.

Bringing Heat To Fury…All Episodes

To Wish Upon Darkness (series)

Very – extreme…measures are needed – when the big brother people come out of…literally no where – and start heckling and haggling – very regular and normal – other people. And that cannot be easily tolerated – considering that plato…and his followers, and john lockeman – and areg – and jeremy bentham – were always around to try and help…things unfold – over the eons of extreme…reptilian crazy plunderings – that society…only ever – failed to – envision and imagine.



The Journey Of I

Everything about this world needs – for us to wake up, and just enjoy…the fact that influence and mass media…something else, exists. And when you push into a very brutal, and heartless game of – nonexistent stuff attacking us humans…then you might start to realize how crazy intensive and deep – the whole situation gets when everything just magically falls into place, without too much more analysis – to keep us all blind and stuck, behind ourselves.



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