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Using qlippoth angels to reveal your spiritual path…

Bringing your personal understanding to a genuinely higher level –

Often means that our minds – and their lives…meaning our own still, because we confuse our problems so easily – and this very much just means that everything continues and folds in on itself…

In very oddly barbaric ways –

Because the gods and heavens need to diminish backwards, and that has to be something else – entirely embraced and not remotely…ever, forgotten about.

Several spirits can help guide you on opening up your life path, and spiritual life in general –

Lavel – Guides you to understand stand your path in a way that you can perfectly understand where you’re going and who you are; you just ‘get’ how to get to where you need to go with your spiritual path.

Lehachiah – Enables you to understand your life path in a way that you can know where to go from here; let’s you understand past lessons in a perfect way that brings you to deep realizations about who you are and where you’re going.

Slicing past the mistruth and lies brings us to some other higher level of existence…

That only the gods can seriously dig into –

That can only mean that our horses, and their chariots just need to be tuned to the right frequency and have everything…

And bulge together in all the wrong…but possibly also right – ways, long term.

With one final angel helping to coax all the other details together –

Hahahel – Aids in your personal understanding so that you can evolve in a way that perfectly suits your life path; you will have the perfect direction to know where you want to go, and how to get there.

When the general leadership want you to succeed – and everything just feels right and okay long term…

But few things in life completely make sense, then we just need to take a big and hearty step back from everything and just know that it was never going to work out –

…in a very positively constructive sort of way…long term.

That might be our deathly outcome, but things just have to be neatly organized for very higher level uses…

Because that still means…that our lives, and their desires and wants – still have to become mightier and stronger along the way, though the angels and their impossibly devastating qlippothic aspect –

Can definitely help us, and guide us along.


Find your spiritual path using the qlippoth angels:


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