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Anubis (Egyptian spirit) – Helps you to open yourself up spiritually in a way that guides you to understand and remember your past lives…as it relates to your true spiritual path.

Set (Egyptian spirit) – Guides you into a mind expansion so that you can understand yourself and your past lives…in a way that is completely beneficial to your current path, and helps you in all ways possible.

Using Anubis can help you understand yourself better as it relates to your true spiritual path…and Set can be used to open your mind and help you to understand your past lives in a way that is completely helpful and beneficial to you…

Elevate your life using the Egyptian spirits:


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Sealiah (qliphoth angel) –

Burns the past is all beneficial ways that matter so that you can move on and completely emotionally and intellectually release and let go of all toxic and unhealthy ideas, items and anything else that prevents your spiritual ascent.

Chaos (Greek spirit) –

Brings you mentally and emotionally to the highest of your being so that you can enjoy far greater success in all ways that count; guides you to understand your life in a very different and complete way, thereby granting you a long term vision of your life and success.

Gaap (demon) –

Destroys all ideas or sentiments that you are weak or not good enough, then rebuilds you into the best version of yourself possible; guides you into embracing success and an empowered positive mindset in all ways that count.

Nememiah (qliphoth angel) –

Guides you up the mountain of your awakening and ascent by cleaning up all loose ends and brings you to understand how to achieve all of your goals for the next several years through visions and physical planning where you just know what to do at each step of the way.

Ignite your life success – using the qliphoth angels:

Embrace happiness using the demons:

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Transcending Money Problems Using Sumerian Magick

Marduk (Sumerian spirit) – Guides you to resolve all money problems completely…and shifts your thinking so that you do not create new problems that literally derail your life, in general.

Astarte (Sumerian spirit) – Changes your thinking permanently so that you can manage your money life perfectly well…without any obvious and lingering doubts about your money situation, and then shifts your financial goals so that you are constantly working for things that are beneficial to your life.

Marduk can bring your money life into a new stable territory…where you do not have as many problems in general, and Astarte can guide you into more efficient and stronger money situations and habits…immediately, and over time as you make your financial life better…

Enhance your financial world – and life using the Sumerian spirits:

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