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Exploring Healing Magick

Sorcery to help, and fix and help resolve different ailments and bad situations, and the flu, and deep and not great illnesses are always curious, and useful. But not all sorcery is the same, or treated equal, and healing magick can be very difficult to figure out, and master for practical regular use.

I have worked with many god forms, and spirits over the years, for black magick removal, and fixing different life situations that are similar to illness and sickness, and various forms of healing magick – that curiously did not feel like much of a problem at the time, because magick…works very differently when you become accustomed to the spirits, and the energetic sorcery itself – nearly becomes, second nature.

Here are the god forms, and spirits I have used for healing sorcery.

elemiah…used for general sickness prevention and to help remove all ailments and sickness from a target

valefor…used for removal and resolve of different deeper mind sicknesses and general illness that might deeply debilitate the target

quell (djinn)…used for complete resolution of higher and life threatening illnesses that might consume or devastate the target

khepri (egyptian)…used for deeper fix and removal of all life illness and sickness that might plague the target, and then restores them to a state that was better than the original form

These are all very different spirits from all different magick paradigms that are fully, and thoroughly useful for the topic of deep life healing.

Everything about healing sorcery is about life positive encouragement to bring us all, into a higher place of being, and positive life movement, because these spirits do not just want to see us merely without illness, and our ailments…but rather to do well in general, and that is how sorcery is very useful. If you want deeper and greater life help, then you just need to learn which spirits, and god forms might help your situation, and dive into some different sorcery and magick paradigms, because even the vikings and egyptian spirits, know how to remove illness, and provide healing powers.

Healing magick might not be the only thing that these spirits do, but they are quite effective for this topic, and idea and should be greatly used for their life renewing powers, and other things that we might all…seek them out for, to improve our lives deeply.

Use the demons for healing – and to elevate life:

Maybe employ the Egyptians for – magick:


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Finding Deep Meditation Using Magick

Through my own magick, and spiritual practice I have found that – effective and deep meditation, and general zen states of being are possibly difficult to come by for most people.

This only occurred to me after I saw how much internal work, and general effort it takes to consistently reach strong enough thinking, and active meditation, during my ritual work, and in my general personal spiritual practice – in general.

Years ago I immediately saw the benefits of using, the demons and djinn – and angels for my meditation, and for increasing my personal focus, and general thinking strength and emotional power – which thereby helped my personal level of center, and general meditation force to enhance, and grow in force, and general sorcery power. For me, both my meditation calm – and my internal energetic power, and sorcery meditations are all one in the same thing now, and I enhanced this years ago, and over time…using several god forms, and other spirits – to deeply elevate my internal well being, and force my internal focus – to where I needed it to be.

Here are the god forms and spirits that I used.

vassago…used to deeply heighten and elevate my personal point of control, and self meditation and thinking control – thereby increasing my overall spiritual strength and power

marchosias…used to increase and cause a breakthrough for spiritual life and cause a deeper meditation practice so that, one can reach a spiritual and thinking, and meditation breakthrough that is life changing

balam…used to drastically increase personal and internal focus and thinking quality so that meditation is much easier to sustain and reach, and personal problem and spiritual and meditation problems are removed

achaiah…used to greatly help develop and increase my thinking power and meditation strength which will in turn, help my spiritual understanding and provide deep mind development long term

lovel…used to deeply elevate the personal chi and qi energies power and to find deep and stable life balance, and help cause general thinking to be much higher so that easier and deeper states of meditation can be reached – easier, and at all times

These are just a few god forms, and demons – and spirits that I have worked with, but they can deeply and grandly – and greatly help with internal focus and mind self control, to that point that you have deeper, emotional control, and mind thinking is just…easier, and more satisfying and less problematic – in general.

I have greatly enjoyed using these spirits, and several others for – creating a deeper and more lasting, and life enhancing – and life changing meditation practice that I still deeply use, to this same day, because the sorcery works quite well – and can literally be used to drastically erase problems, and enhance life in all ways that can remotely be seen, and felt. And you might even have your thinking power increase, and your life – long goals gets accomplished faster, considering how much higher you might be meditating, and generally thinking, with a much – higher quality of life living, from a much higher and stronger – internal and other worldly meditation practice, helping you to succeed with your – spiritual life ideas, and goals – long term.

Use the demons to enhance life:

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Here we will use angelic magick to bring us – whatever our need, or desire might be.

Due to the fact that this is a strong, and possibly even – challenging or large idea, and desire in general, we might have to use a qliphoth angel in order to push our desires into full fruition.

To do this, we would just task the angel with – our idea, or request – in a very blunt and straight forward way, that is very easy to state, and allow…the angel to work on our request, from there.

Here we might use – the angel, achaiah to bring us our – deeply desired…thing, or idea.

Achaiah can be used to help us attract, create – or gain whatever it is that we most desire or need, at any time in a way that is obvious, and very deeply helpful or otherwise life changing, and very satisfying.

The idea here is to have the angel – indirectly guide and help us work on the whole entire task, and idea – so that we are thinking, and indirectly acting and behaving in a way that brings us our whole entire request and desire…as reasonably, and timely as possible.

…of the Sumerian spirits – enlil is known for doing the same thing as achaiah here, and is easily able to bring us – our most deeply held desires…without too much, worry or fear.

This is a very straight forward approach to doing angelic magick in general, and might be – the single…key to life changing growth, for yourself – and your own well being, going into the near – and immediate, futures. The angels, and the qliphoth can help us – with whatever we might desire, and need, at all times.

Use the qliphoth angels – to get what you desire, and need:

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