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In several moments in my life I have used different styles of magick to gain luck, and different types of success.

The angels, and the qliphothic aspect of the angels has been very useful for me.

I have used their powers in ritual format for many years now, and my success – luck, and general fortune has ever increased…with impossible success angles allowing me to gain greater writing success, and business advancements and developments – over time.

Angels such as lelahel are incredibly powerful – for things like business, and personal luck – and I have used the qliphoth evocation of this angel, for very deep luck…as it relates to personal success, and general fortune, for my writing and literature – and even for different business side projects.

The qliphoth angels are deeply powerful, and very easy to access – if you have the right mindset and series of…mind requests, to help yourself – better understand your feelings and desires as it brings you into far higher, magick power (because the qliphoth is quite – unique and powerful -) and I have used many qliphoth angels to deeply expand my businesses, and writing – styles, and gain…deeper success within my occult writings, and literature, and short stories.

Lelahel has been an enormous help, and – just as a small mention of a uniquely matched other Egyptian spirit that can help – you gain personal self mastery, and self power…in addition to developing your, general and self luck – and gain greater life, and personal fortune based success – in general.

…the Egyptian spirit here, that is a grand, and great compliment – to lelahel, is khepri – and this god form, and unique Egyptian god form…spirit, is very creative and unique…

And can easily help us all – gain, greater success – luck, and fortune, in whatever our life endeavours or projects, might demand – or ask…out of each of us.

If you would like to work with – the qliphoth angels…


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Gefjun (viking spirit) – Greatly enhances you intuition so that you can feel into situations…and any ideas that have greatly confused you – then brings you into greater spiritual awareness in general.
This spirit guides you to understand your intuition as it relates to…how you can make life better – then guides your intuition to strengthen over time, so that you can avoid severe life calamities and horrendous mistakes.


Complimentary spirit…

Amun (Egyptian spirit)

Amplify your intuition – and life, using the Viking gods:

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Amun (Egyptian spirit) – Brings your mind into stronger memory and general mental clarity so that you can remember smaller details better, and understand your life in terms of what you need to get done…indirectly guiding you to your life purpose.

Other powers…

Brings clarity to a situation in which there is confusion, then brings you to understand how to best deal with that situation in general…to create far better results.

Guides you to understand your mind and brain…in a way that you can easily change small things to give you far stronger memory and brain speed, through very simple and small tweaks to your life style.

Amplify yourself – using the Egyptian spirits:

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