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Bael (demon) – Removes spiritual misunderstandings that we might have about very obvious topics that we have no idea that we are confused about, then guides us to properly understand the idea without confusion.

To produce incredible understanding and resolution in others who are severely confused, frustrated – and just need to understand something more fully.

Complimentary spirit…

Nelachel (angel)

Elevate your spiritual world using the demons:

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This is about a very – straight forward approach to simple, but powerful – curses that will remove our enemies abilities to harm us further…and cause them – very deep…

…destruction damage that can only be dealt with through very deliberate life – painful reflection, and understanding…that the pain and damage that they have cause – is beyond anything that can be tolerated – or ever forgiven.

These are – two very popular and well known spirits that are very focused and strong enough – to deal with enemies of any size, and power level.

Though you might need other spirits to help deal with – your targets and enemies in more particular ways…these 3 god forms – and spirits, are fully capable of dealing with enemies – and targets…very easily –

Beelzebub (Greek spirit) – causes enemies very extreme and lasting lifelong devastation if their evil and damage against others cannot be tolerated and must be stopped and destroyed completely.

Gaap (demon) – brings all enemies into very lasting and permanently destructive extreme life ruination if their general evil and lying and damage against others…gets shifted – and thrown back at them completely so that they get permanently destroyed and ruined, by their own evil damage and lying.

True life ruination damage…is a very hefty thing to manage and deal with – and complete life disaster and destruction is never a small thing.

So we have to be very careful about how we – think about…the curses against our enemies – and deeply reflect over – what we truly desire…and want them to be destroyed by.

In some cases…the curses can take quite some time to finally hit and destroy the target – so we have to be very careful about what we put into our rituals – and decide how we want the demons and other spirits – to deal with…and possibly – completely devastate our targets.

This is about – honest, and very deep – magick and sorcery. And it matters quite deeply that we are guiding the spirits – and Greek god forms – and demons to help us understand what proper damage – and cursing power…we need to move on from our most prolonged and troublesome enemies – from the present moment, and the past.

One final spirit – can help us understand…if we have enemies – and what to do – when we understand and realize who they…and what they have done to us…

Vual (demon) – Reveals our biggest enemies and their current damage and threats against us in a way that allows us to think clearly about how to protect our lives, and possibly…attack – with the proper magick – and sorcery spirits…in a way that will properly deal with them – for long term effective, protection and enemy resolution.

Though this might – be a very uncommon way to think about demon and Greek – baneful magick…and cursing – it is very crucial to understand and know our enemies – very deeply, and to fully…deal with them through the proper spirits – in a way that is very satisfying for long term – extremely powerful – sorcery…and spiritual baneful magick – fulfillment – and general life – resolution…

…and very effective – and long term devastating and powerful, baneful sorcery – results.

Enhance life using the Greek spirits:

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