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Literature Fiction and Novel Books Testimonials

1. The Land of Hebarn – one reading follower gained

2. Foreboding Episode 1 – one more reading follower gained

3. The School of Athens – Book 1…apparently I – write horror fiction

4. I Saw The Devil – if you want to see the devils…like this man did…

5. Aborted / Tales From The Undead – very enthralling horror short stories

6. To Hire Out Thy Death – seriously severe – hitman horror author

7. Making Death Laugh At Itself – my writing – might be difficult to take? lol

8. The Land of Hebarn and Skaaj – if past life followers wanted to chime in…

9. The Edge of Tomorrow – what if ramses knew…something?

10. To Deem The Unfortunate Sane – are reptilians…and reptilians monsters real?

11. The School of Athens – Horror and hardcore literature…defined.

12. The School of Athens – book 3 – who is socrates…to philosophy really?


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