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Attracting the perfect tools and things into your life with magick…

Bringing in all the things that you need and – almost just desire in this life –

…is about focusing your mind and spirit into attracting all that you need and require in this life.

At times it can seem a bit impossible and ridiculous to think of conscious creation and attraction like this, but that is exactly what it going on here and now…

And we just have to consider this all in terms of how we can seek out the help of the gods and spirits on a continual basis –

Castor (Greek spirit) – Removes head trash and negative emotions and ideas that prevent you from attracting and receiving the stuff that you need and greatly desire in this life.

Sabnock (demon) – Builds up your attractive force so that you can pull in the tools, ideas and people to help you achieve your goals faster and easier – then guides you to explore conscious creation so that you can live an ideal life without too many problems regarding attracting the things you desire.

Amping up your personal attractive force is nothing that most people ever thought this would be about –

And that is a very drastically powerfully…

Horrifically important thing and idea in this life.

We all know that the law of attraction and resonance exists – but if you can get the spirits to help you receive and attract all that you want…

Then maybe we can all make this life a little grander and special in very uniquely refined ways –

That eventually – and very quickly…almost accidentally – but seriously consciously…

…make everything completely and exponentially better as the months, weeks – and years pass on.


Amplify your attractive force using the Greek spirits:


Using the demons:


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