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Becoming wiser using hidden angelic powers…

Most don’t think to use angels to make themselves wiser.

But this is one of the favorite activities among angels; to help make humans less stupid – guiding them to make wiser decisions.

Didn’t think of it that way, did you.

Overall, it’s not that big of a deal, but it is if you count the massive heartache that foolish thinking and choices can bring you.

Foolish decisions can cost a lifetime of hard work and toil just to work off one single thing you did earlier in life.

A single wise decision can equally as powerfully make your life that much better, and that’s not remotely a joke how different an outcome that creates.

It’s the difference between crying because you’re laughing so hard…

…and crying because life is tragic and you can’t get your footing.

We often don’t think in terms of wisdom – perhaps intelligence and being smart. But who want to be wise in a world that favors smart people?

Who are smart people, really?

They’re people who make less foolish decision on a daily basis.

Isn’t that part of wisdom then, to reduce foolish thinking?

It is, and the angels want to help with this.

Here are some hidden angelic powers that can greatly aid with making wiser choices and thinking…

Lavel – Enable you to make wiser decisions; you are encouraged to stop and think before making all important choices.

Melahel – Reduce foolish thinking, and thereby foolish actions. This empowers your thoughts so that you make far fewer poor / foolish decisions on a daily basis.

Eshaliah – Causes one to pause before acting, having them reflect on the long term ramifications of what they’re doing. This increases decision quality; wiser choices equates to a higher quality of living.

These angels are dynamite in terms of removing those regrettable moments we have where we don’t think before we act. Those choices me make as a result of those moments tend not to be the best, and sometimes they can lead to a life of regret – and that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.

Can you imagine if you made one fewer foolish choice per day?

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you reduce the overall number of poor choices in your life, you will literally change everything for the better.

Should you use all the angels listed here?

There’s no need for that. Just choose one and see what happens. We often under estimate the number of crappy decisions we make, and that needs to be corrected.

Aniel – Reduce the amount of foolish thinking you have on a daily basis by reflecting frequently throughout the day to ensure all decisions align with what you want and who you are. Causes you to have wiser decisions and thinking – you think before you act, almost always.

Most people don’t self-reflect enough.

They often make the excuse that they “didn’t think of things that way…” and that then becomes their excuse for not knowing better.

Don’t be that person who uses excuses like that just to make up for their poor decisions.

They can be prevented, resolved and even completely eradicated. Don’t think that your bad choices define you.

Some think that the bad choices define who they are, but that’s a lie.

If you do enough good – make wiser choices – and reduce the amount of crappy things that you do, you are soon known for the good that you do.

Make sense? Of course it does.

Those who are known for their bad choices, and are almost famous for that (notoriety = bad popularity) haven’t made enough good choices.

But what if we’re already known for the negative stuff already?

Vevaliah – Dissolve our negative reputations so that others see the best in us; people around us start to forget the foolish stuff we’ve done in the past and start remembering the wiser stuff.

Isn’t that a useful power?

Now you have no excuse.

You literally have the tools now to think and act wisely.

Now the only way is onwards.

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