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Creating Miraculous Fortune Using Greek Magick

I have been experimenting with deeper forms of luck and success magick, and have designed – magick systems that could be simply used…for creating the imposible, and other forms of miracles. This is something I have practiced and have nearly executed as a full magick system, all of its own design.

Although Greek sorcery is not the only source, and type of fortune, and miracles magick that I have been working on, and developing…this is still quite effective and extremely, particular magick to understand and to use, in any greatly applied form. I have done this form, and type of magick, many times for myself and others.

There have been just a few Greek god forms, I have been using for fortune and impossibilities…

Dinlas…shifts all of reality to help create very deep, miracles and other – anomalistic events, that are beyond rare and unusual…to the point of causing life changing impossible, or miraculous events.

Hermes…creates very grand impossibilities and greater miracles, in a way that is very unheard of, and possible to nearly notice or see upfront. These miracles might take some time to develop, but are beyond heart stopping and can lead…to life changing situations or results.

Hyperion…shifts reality to help cause greater impossibilities and miracles, to be more likely to happen, and guides life elevating and enhancing…larger miracles to come forth, to create permanent everlasting life change.

In some cases it might not seem like a huge miracle, might not be necessary or needed. This form of magick is quite interesting and rare…is beyond the point. You have to see this in effect, to understand and believe, how ridiculous and…grandly significant these deep impossibilities can be.

This is not small, or easily defined magick for many others…possibly, simply because they cannot fathom fortune and actual, sorcery that creates life changing results.

Thankfully, that is no question here, because I have case studies and life proof of this power and presence of this form…of sorcery, and it is very helpful and the magick itself, can aid with focus and internal force, and power. That is also why greater and deeper forms of sorcery, such as this one are very unusual and rare to understand…because they are so effective.

At least we have it in mind, to understand and accept higher and more ridiculous forms of – greater and grander sorcery results, and creating the impossible…is no longer, so unthinkable.

Creates fortune – using Greek spirits:


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