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Developing your mind, money and career using the vikings…

Understanding how to self correct your money life is a very big step forward –

Because that means that everything just flows, and your thoughts are not unsettled by smaller problems that can…easily be removed earlier on.

That is how the vikings and other spirits can help us think drastically…better, clearer – and wiser about our finances and lives as a whole – as we move onwards in our lives…

Dagur – Shifts the way you think about your life, happiness and well being so that you are completely aligned with your life purpose so that you can be potentially fulfilled and happy long term – then indirectly causes you to think more ambitiously about your money and career life so that you can enhance that over time.

Developing your mindset about money in general is the next big step, and this allows us to create a far stronger vision for the future –

But that does not come with the sacrifice and cost that most people might think…

We have to change our mindsets to embrace a much stronger way of being in general – and one more viking can help us align our thinking with a much better – stronger, and more intelligent way of living –

Forseti – Enables you to think positively and proactively about your money life so that you can make things a lot better over time, thereby causing you to have better cash flow and general mental abundance – with the ability to spot smaller money problems before they become larger issues.

Once you have the mental and physical – life pieces in place to create a far stronger…

Money – and life mindset about who you are, and how things should fall into place –

…that means that everything just sorts itself out, and nothing really fully – can tear us down later when life might get rough…

Though we already have a firm mental and stable mindset to bring us to more ideal life circumstances – and the vikings can help us with this, going into the near and far futures.


Shift your life into a higher level using the vikings:


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