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Embracing a more focused mind and life through Greek Magick…

It does not take much effort and motion to get through life…with the right thoughts, and actions –

…being guided all the way through – until execution and manifestation happens, and this has to be seen as something else…very solidly tragic, and underestimated over time…

Because that’s some seriously deep stuff, but the Greek spirit know how to help in very obviously, powerful – ways, and they can help when you want a less emotionally cluttered, and…not so negative life, in general…

Kratos – Removes all the negative mental crap and dross we think on a daily basis that holds us back from evolving and moving forward, and brings us to a far higher level of mental and emotional focus as we seek to explore and achieve our goals.

Several Greeks are considered to be…very mythological without direct application –

And that is a huge leg up, over the other mental and…psychological conventions of things happening over time…

Because we never saw the Greek spirits as beings to call out to for help, but that definitely changes over time –

As we push, and shift – into a brand new reality, and beyond all current horizons…

And one curiously known, but not often called out to…spirit, can help with opening your mind and soul – to greater and larger ideas, and things overall…

Nike – Guides us to open our minds and hone our concentration so that we are almost always focused on the most important tasks at all times, and enables us to think clearly about our goals and achievements in the best ways possible.

These are not insignificant spirits, but the very idea of…very powerful and rich damage –

Comes from intuitively impossible, moments – of very severe and incredibly large…

Emotionally wrecked and terrible…refuge, among the deathly ideas –

That we just had to throw away, going into the past – and nearby futures.

And that just means that mortality, just has to be accepted and appreciated – in order for us to be…better humans, with far less mental chaos and fear…holding us back, from focusing and concentrating on the right things over time.


Hone your life focus with the Greeks:


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