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Improving memory and intelligence with magick…

This is a big topic that everyone needs but don’t really think about.

Everyone wants to improve their memory but tend to forget they need it.

They want to boost their intelligence but don’t have the foresight to see how that’s done.

It’s a crazy topic but the spirits can help. Whether its angels or demons, we’re going to explore how they can help us think clearer, remember more, and be better with our brains in general.

I initially used spirits to help me become a better writer.

I wrote fiction and non-fiction and needed the mental clarity and memory to remember everything and it was very frustrating to lose track of my thoughts in the middle of writing.

Then I had some spirits help me improve my thought flow so I wouldn’t forget stuff as easily. Randomly my mental clarity and general intelligence sort of boosted, and I didn’t expect that.

These spirits can literally help with memory and intelligence, even in obscure ways, and you’ll be shocked at how simple it can happen.

Mahasiah – Improves memory and general intelligence (lasting mental clarity)

Hakemiah – Improves intelligence as it relates to your career and general study (school, vocational study, work study etc)

The demons are not different, really.

They just target other aspects of the same thing. Memory and intelligence can be enhanced by many spirits, but here are a few somewhat lesser known spirits that can help you out.

Valac – Enhances memory and intelligence in general

Aim – Provides a general enhancement to memory and mental clarity

Some don’t care how the memory boost happens, they just want it to happen.

Think of it like wanting to fix a broken car; you just want the thing fixed within reasonable means (cost + how far the mechanic is).

That’s literally like working with the spirits. They’re always ethical – and they reject unethical requests all the time, which is why some magician’s magick doesn’t work (think about it). But the demons are just as effective in many ways as the angels, they just work a little differently.

When I boosted my memory I realized I needed to boost my intelligence and creativity. But then I realized that creativity is related to intelligence in other ways I hadn’t really considered before, and as long as I boosted my daily mental clarity, other stuff would follow.

I tasked the spirits to boost my memory when I most needed it, and that helped with different written and mentally intensive projects I had.

This is how I know this can help others 10 times over because I used it during a very difficult part of my life and it helped a ton.

Then I discovered a demon that was very useful for holistic brain enhancement – he could pretty much do everything.

Phenex – Improve your brain in all ways that count; enhance mental clarity (to know what you need to do), boost your intelligence gradually over time and improve memory for short and long term uses.

It’s not even a joke how effective Phenex and the others have been. Nothing short of life changing in certain circumstances.

This isn’t even about work and studying.

It’s more about generally enhancing your brain so that you don’t have to worry about memory, thinking clearly and intelligence in the long term.

Is this something everyone needs? Yes, but not quite in the way that you think.

Phenex also has the power to prevent brain degradation in the elderly, or even if you just feel like you’re losing your mental edge, he can help you retain and boost what you have.

Don’t think of the spirits just has a supplement to what you already do.

They can just as easily help you with retaining what you already have. Sort of like mental insurance, in an obscure but useful way.

Will you forget I wrote this post?

I hope not.

I literally task the spirits to guide the right people to read my posts at the right time.

So you’re here for a reason.

Let’s not forget that.

Use the angels to enhance your brain:


Find your edge with the demons:


Need something else?



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