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Using magick to protect yourself from wrathful enemies…

Dealing with enemies is one topic entirely separate from using baneful magick on those who act against us.

Here we have a topic that is widely desired – but very few fully understand what magical protection means –

That might be due to intense confusion and black magick our enemies might throw at us…

And in those situations even the Greek and Sumerian gods can help us out here.

This is not necessarily about leaving our enemies without damage – and once their attacks, damage and curses rebound onto them –
Everything else just sort of figures itself out –

Pollux (Greek spirit) – Guides your enemies into complete life collpase or destruction; they are revealed for all their evil acts in very creative ways to those closest to them – and you are protected from any further harm they can cause you.

Riyiyel (qlippoth angel) – Destroys your enemies ability to harm you or others and exposes them for who they truly are to those who matter most to them; causes them to feel a massive life crisis where all their evil acts finally rebound onto them, bringing them into ruin in all the ways that most hurt. Protects you and those closest to you who are affected in ways that prevent any future damage to anyone.

Ensuring that we have long term protection against our enemies is a very real…

…though slightly misunderstood topic – because our defenses might not always be up, and yet –

We somehow experience a very slight magical and possibly even physical rebound letting us know that their advances are not working out.

That is a very powerful situation, but one that only magical protection can fitfully and faithfully trigger for us…

Cthulhu (the Old Ones) – Causes your enemies to be fully revealed for all their evil acts stretching back as far as people can remember; brings them into a full life crisis and meltdown where they no longer hurt others and finally see how horrific their actions have been. All their victims are fully protected can no longer be hurt as the enemy goes down in the most severe and emotionally distressing way possible.

Protection is only one aspect of the enemy game that they have accidentally started playing…

And though we know that our lives and minds can gain serious traction –
So as long as we can keep our hidden and active enemies and all others who might act against us…

Completely at bay, and out of our lives – hopefully completely.


Protect yourself using the Greek spirits:


Using the qlippoth angels:


The Old Ones:


Need serious protection?



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