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Creating Deep Life Dynamic Change Using Greek Magick

It can be very difficult to cause and create very lasting, and powerful life change through normal magick, but even more challenging to bring about life altering and changing results from simple sorcery that is plain, but very effective.

I have worked with many forms of sorcery, and deeper forms of qliphoth with the demons and angels, and even…the Greek spirits of magick, and several have proven quite useful for internal power increasing, and charging up life for truly dynamic…life change.

Hermes…helps us concentrate on the right goals and other significant things so that we are directly brought into life altering and changing moments and situations

Hydra…directly enables us to deeply experience life altering circumstances and situations that are beyond comprehension, and potentially permanently life altering for the better

The Greek spirits can be very striking, and powerful but the focus here is to use their powers for forward moving life, enabling growth so that power exists…now, and grows into the future, so that we can greatly embrace grandly empowering life situations, and life magnanimous – in moment change. But that also means that we focus our lives to enlarge our worldly – and life focus, in general so that we can greatly accept, higher achieve and grander life change – in general.

One more spirit can help us with greater life achievements, in general…

Typhon…deeply develops our mental life focus, and guides our thinking to be enriched with our proper and genuine life goals, and anything else that would make us most fulfilled and satisfied…for long term development

These god forms are very helpful, and can guide us to achieve and understand all parts and forms of life that are remotely necessary to our daily and individual, personal achievement. That is what life dynamic change, and forward moving growth is all about.

Using Greek spirits – for life elevation:

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