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Destroying the feeling of being stuck with magick…

Sharpening your life to the point that everything just works out –

…is not an easy or simple thing to achieve.

Because that means rebuilding your mind and brain in a very different way so that you see the world vastly incredibly differently…

And sometimes that’s just not that easy to undertake and get through –

We have to almost believe in miracles in a very different way in order to be…not even different, but to twist, shift and genuinely change our lives to become something vastly better.

A few spirits can help destroy that odd feeling of not going where we’d like to be…

Aeolus (Greek spirit) – Enables you to discover exactly what you need to know so that you no longer feel stuck and confused; guides you to understand exactly what you need and where you go from here so that you just have direction going forward.

Astaroth (demon) – Enables you to understand the next step and why you were confused; guides you to move forward in a way that perfectly aligns with what you’re supposed to do.

Changing up reality to the point that we are deliberately and consciously changing out the worlds to be in a vastly different place –

Never had to be so differently better and just oddly too…

And all of that might be literally irrelevant at this point – because it does not make complete sense to charge forward without first understanding the past and the present in a very thoroughly heated and destroyed way.

Something about this process lets us and others know that the world in general does not fully and completely make sense –

Because we know we have to change for the better, but we have to be the ones that change going into the near and far future…

Everything flips around and becomes far different –

And yet – we just have to be ready to embrace the big and huge life shifts as they come along, obviously as guided by the spirits.


Get unstuck using Greek spirits:


Using the demons:


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