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Develop a clear understanding of your spiritual path using magick…

If you have ever wanted to know what your personal path is, it is far easier than you think to discover.

The spirits can guide us in ways that some have likely never imagined.

They can guide us to understanding ourselves, our spiritual path, and specifically where to go from here, and that’s a beautiful thing…

Gaap (demon) – Guides you to understand your life path in very clear and specific terms; you just understand where and why you need to go, then enables you to understand which steps to take and when.

Michel (fallen angel) – Enables you to understand your life path in a very specific and clear way; you just comprehend how you need to act and what steps you need to take and when. You fully get where you have been, why you were there, and where you need to go from here in totality.

These spirits can open your eyes and reveal why you have been on your current path, and why you need to change direction and explore elsewhere.

Though this is not a small change, the positive directional change in your life will enable you to see, feel and experience your true life path in full without compromise.

You will just know you’re aligned with yourself without any questions.

Some spirits specialize in guiding others onto their paths, and it can be equally difficult to help others see where they need to go.

They need a big change, and you can feel that they don’t really know where to go from here.

This is a big move, but the spirits can help them see where they need to shift their lives…

Lavel (fallen angel) – Guides the target to understand their life and where they need to go; they comprehend fully and completely where they need to go, their life path so far, and all the steps needs to get where they need to be.

Kratos (Greek spirit) – Grants the target deep understanding of their life path so far and guides them to see where they need to go from here; enables them to see deeply into their life paths so that the future isn’t confusing whatsoever – they just know where they need to go, when to move, and how to get there without any confusion.

Though we might be guiding others on their journeys, we can still seek guidance for ours.

No single path is an island, and you have the ability to help others as you seek out your own path.

Just don’t fall into the trap of coercing others into a path that makes no sense for them – that’s what the people who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about like to espouse onto others.

It’s not remotely a good idea to feign spiritual understanding and give life guidance to those who are in need of some direction.

If their life compass doesn’t work, how can they guide others to know what direction they need to go?

It doesn’t make sense, but the spirits know who is trustworthy and can guide you and others to finding their paths.

We just can’t fall for the spiritual charlatans that want to derail us and guide us to become more confused.

This is about us and guiding others to align with who they truly are as we align to who we truly are.

The spirits can help us and they can guide others as well – but you need to be open to accepting a potentially huge life change depending on what your true life path is.

They can guide us but you have to be open to the change.


Understand your spiritual path using the demons:


Using the fallen angels:


Using Greek spirits:


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