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Developing emotional control with the Qlippoth…

Emotional control is that thing that everyone wants, but no one knows how to get.

How do you develop something that most people don’t even understand?

Some say hours of meditation can do this. You just meditate for a set amount of time each day and you develop more balanced emotions somehow.

That doesn’t make sense to most people so they don’t do it.

Meditation is only one way to learn how to better control yourself, and thereby your emotions.

The fallen angels have a very unique power, and that is to guide us to understand our emotions. They can give you insight on how to better self-reflect and understand yourself.

That process alone can be quite a startling realization.

Let’s say you wanted a little spark to start things off.

How on earth would you develop more emotional control and resilience if you don’t know where to start?

Well, allow me to show you the way.

Hakemiah – Develop emotional understanding of yourself and others around you (if applicable)

Melahel – Develop deep understanding of your emotions so as to bring yourself to a serene state of being faster.

Vevaliah – Enables deeper understanding of yourself, namely your emotions, so that you can better manage your temper, anger and other negative emotions if they creep up.

Omemiah – Enables conscious control over emotions in a way that you can self-reflect and know how to bring your emotions back under control. Aids control of conscious thoughts so intellect and emotions are better controlled.

Eshaliah – Deepens our connection to the self so that we have a much deeper holistic understanding of our emotions and how to manage them.

Take a deep look at these powers. Do you see how powerful this can be?

When you have emotional control, you basically have control over your thoughts, your body and how you react to others, the things that happen to you, and your life in general.

Am I over stating things?

Actually, not at all. This is a pretty big deal no one really considers.

We are diving very deep into the fallen angels, and this is uncharted territory for most of you.

These angels are very easy to work with as long as you are willing to put some effort into your evolution – not many are willing to do that.

What does that mean to put effort into your evolution? It just means that you care about becoming a better person and how you get there. The people who are technically ‘asleep’, who just go by day by day not self-reflecting and oblivious to the world around them are not ready for these angels.

If you know what you want, and you’re just not sure how to get there, these angels can help you get there.

Emotional resilience is a very big deal for those who are successful – it doesn’t really matter how you define success either. Being emotionally strong is just really seriously important, and I think you already see that.

Nememiah – Helps us develop deep emotional resilience that allows us perfect self-understanding that leads to being much stronger emotionally.

Literally everyone can use emotional resilience to better their lives.

Asking if emotionally strength can help is like asking whether having extra money is a good thing – you don’t even question that.

The tragic thing here is those who most need emotional help likely won’t be reading this. You are very likely one of the more emotionally awake people out there, and it’s interesting that you know you’re serious about developing your emotional strength.

This isn’t a question of whether or not you want more emotional control, but of how enhanced emotional strength can help you.

Can it help you cope with problems at work better?

Can it help you deal with family drama in a more constructive way?

Can it help you deal with stressful situations easier?

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, the answer is Yes to these in one way or another.

Emotional resilience is powerful, but I don’t think we pay enough attention to it to really change ourselves.

I think that should change, don’t you?


Use the Qlippoth to gain more control over your emotions:


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