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Developing your life using the Sumerian spirits…

These spirits are a little known paradigm that pack a huge punch.

Use of these spirits shouldn’t be taken lightly whatsoever – but should be embraced as a natural part of our spiritual evolution.

Think of these spirits as the Greek paradigm or demons…they are just slightly lesser known and used, and that needs to change.

The only thing about the Sumerian spirits is that so few people know to use them, and that’s not so much a problem…because they want to help us, but they aren’t known to enough people to be used.

To be clear, when we speak of developing ourselves, I’m talking about using spirits to enhance our life outlook, possibly get a better career (not just a job), align yourself with the best partner, and generally just create a better life for yourself.

This is not a small thing, but developing your life from the ground up is not a trivial thing either.

Most people take stuff like this for granted – making your life better, meeting your ideal partner and aligning your career / business with who you really are…this is definitely not small stuff, but we’re going to deal with it in bite sized steps…

…and here we go:

Marduk – Aids with your money and finances; guides you to get the best job that leads into a career or start a business that aligns with your passions (also boosts your current business).

When money is being dealt with…we can easily shift and change into a new reality –

But love then becomes an idea and…possibly an issue, and we have to understand ourselves before we get into that next relationship…

Aruru – Helps align you with your proper love path so that your next partner is exactly what you want and need; this will very likely be your next spouse and/or lover.

Life gets flaky and rough when our minds and emotions don’t completely align to where we need to be in general –

And obviously that cannot continue – but it is going to be a very different journey than we could have ever expected…

Because we need serious guidance and growth…but only in the ways that we most dearly require –

Nanshe – Helps guide you to develop yourself in the best ways so that life a whole becomes better in ways you could not have ever expected. This is about very unexpected shifts and developments that can completely change everything for the better long term.

These are all very valuable powers that can drive you down the road of your spiritual evolution in a way you have never experienced before.

The problem here is that most people don’t realize that spiritual evolution is literally just enhancing yourself in a way that pushes your personal limits in ways that you have never experienced before.

That means you are stretching your comfort zone and becoming the best of yourself literally as you enhance each part of your life – and over time it all just comes together drastically differently.

Nothing about this has to be so confusing or ridiculous – but everything develops to the point that our minds and lives…

Have to align at a far higher level, and the Sumerians can help us with that.


Use the Sumerian spirits to enhance your life:


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