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Embracing a prosperous and abundant life for the long term through magick…

Prosperity and money have always been associated –

But in terms of pure life engagement and getting the most out of everything…

At times we just need to slow everything down and take note of all the small, medium…and not even just appreciate that everything is great, or even wrongly distorted –

But to embrace a strong foothold in the realms of success and happiness…

We might just reach out the spirits and gods of this world and land to guide us into better…everything –

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Guides you to see and experience success and prosperity in a way that is perfect for your life path; you are guided to fully embrace and attract both into your life so that you are continually happy with your money and general success.

Lavel – Enables you to experience and understand success and abundance in a way that perfectly fits your life path; guides you to completely embrace abundance in a way that fully aligns with success for you, and allows you to build upon greater success and abundance into the future.

If anything at all…at this point we should be more focused and geared into what it means to be a fully awake and…

…just more aware humanoid sentient being on this planet –

Because this all just smacks of the truth at this point…but it is not a question – nor an invalid point of view to see this world as something that can be…

And that’s all just good and well enough for all the others – but we seriously need to get rolling with our projects, with our mental worlds wanting a bit more –

Likely because we cannot easily change our minds without a bit of outside guidance, but this is seriously the next foothold to success – and everything just cascades together after all of this happens in its own very serendipitious…but curiously intense and powerful way.

The angels and other spirits are here to shift life into a new dimension of possibility – but it is not reasonable to think…nor say or conclude, that it cannot be done at all –

And that is likely due to the fact that…everything can be a lot better – just so as long as you have very interesting and empowering spirits to guide you along your way…


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