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Embracing a state of expansion and growth with magick…

Attempting to grow and achieve everything too quickly –

Only makes our minds and lives a bit hectic for a little while.

Destroying the bad in life in favor of the good…

Only means that we need to build up our thoughts…minds – and find that personal rhythm for great and grandiose safety –

Because it means a lot that our personal lives and desires manifest as something meaningful and bigger than we could ever fathom…

I would like to say that our minds and lives as a whole are to become and remain a lot bigger and greater – because we have a few spirits that can help us –

Proteus (Greek spirits) – Causes you to understand who you truly are and where you really want to go; enables you to fully understand your path so that everything just comes together completely and you know just know yourself.

Poiel (angel) – Enables you to know who you are and what you really want so that you align with your true path and fully embrace who you are; grants you the insight needed so that you know yourself and where you want to go with your life.

Something about this experience points to very hugely rewarding things –
I know that our lives can get amazingly better…

But only if we dig seriously deep and push into another level completely.
Others might feel that our situations and outlook might need some work – but that is entirely on them to figure out –

It just has to be acknowledged that we can and will change for the better…
Because it matters that the stars and the heavens above…and within our lives align completely.

We just know that our minds and wants and lives as a whole –

Can be guided by the spirits into a vastly better state altogether.


Enhance your life using the Greek spirits:


Using the angels:


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