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Overcoming bad luck with magick…

Growing your life understanding to the point where you no longer are bogged down by negative and reverse misunderstandings –

…and by that I mean severe episodes and moments of bad luck –

Then we just need to grind our gears back into a very separately different way and level…

Because bad luck can be measured and stored up in a very different way –

And we all just need to understand how that works for our lives in particular…

Proteus (Greek spirit) – Grants you deep understanding of your luck so that you understand how to change your bad luck to good luck; enables you to see that your bad luck is very temporary and guides you to see how your good luck can be boosted.

Phenex (demon) – Guides you to understand and get through your bad luck moments so that you can get far more good luck periods in the future; grants you deep understanding so that your luck is perfectly understood.
Though this was all a little different –

Nothing about this haphazard experience has to be so integrally rough and disjointed – because it can be a lot better and manifestly different…

But what if we just let it all go to hell, and let our indirect hopes drive us into the next cataclysm of life disaster –

…because we know that we have to avoid shit like that –

And we honestly just need to get very abnormally and seriously real…

Then concentrate very seriously on what needs to be done long term, and that includes making our lives and emotional energies a lot more balanced and clearer in general –

Because we all know that a focused and clear life doesn’t have nearly as many horrible problems as others that just…somehow understood how everything comes together.


Enhance your luck using Greek spirits:


Using the demons:


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