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Exploring Healing Magick

Sorcery to help, and fix and help resolve different ailments and bad situations, and the flu, and deep and not great illnesses are always curious, and useful. But not all sorcery is the same, or treated equal, and healing magick can be very difficult to figure out, and master for practical regular use.

I have worked with many god forms, and spirits over the years, for black magick removal, and fixing different life situations that are similar to illness and sickness, and various forms of healing magick – that curiously did not feel like much of a problem at the time, because magick…works very differently when you become accustomed to the spirits, and the energetic sorcery itself – nearly becomes, second nature.

Here are the god forms, and spirits I have used for healing sorcery.

elemiah…used for general sickness prevention and to help remove all ailments and sickness from a target

valefor…used for removal and resolve of different deeper mind sicknesses and general illness that might deeply debilitate the target

quell (djinn)…used for complete resolution of higher and life threatening illnesses that might consume or devastate the target

khepri (egyptian)…used for deeper fix and removal of all life illness and sickness that might plague the target, and then restores them to a state that was better than the original form

These are all very different spirits from all different magick paradigms that are fully, and thoroughly useful for the topic of deep life healing.

Everything about healing sorcery is about life positive encouragement to bring us all, into a higher place of being, and positive life movement, because these spirits do not just want to see us merely without illness, and our ailments…but rather to do well in general, and that is how sorcery is very useful. If you want deeper and greater life help, then you just need to learn which spirits, and god forms might help your situation, and dive into some different sorcery and magick paradigms, because even the vikings and egyptian spirits, know how to remove illness, and provide healing powers.

Healing magick might not be the only thing that these spirits do, but they are quite effective for this topic, and idea and should be greatly used for their life renewing powers, and other things that we might all…seek them out for, to improve our lives deeply.

Use the demons for healing – and to elevate life:

Maybe employ the Egyptians for – magick:


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