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How I do (and would do) Money Magick…

Manifesting a better financial and just…a better money situation in general can be a little tricky sometimes –

But that’s why we need and greatly desire spirit guidance to push ourselves into a vastly higher and better…

…we just want better money lives in general, and this comes from very deep within and our worlds have to come apart very differently –

Though the demons and other curiously related spirits can help push us into that new and greatly desirable higher level.

Here is a creatively shifted list of spirits and demons to use when life calls for a bit of money related chang…

If I desired a new job that I could turn into a career, these are the spirits I would work with.

Lucifuge – Attract the perfect job or career

Orobas – Attract the perfect job promotion

Gaap – Attract the perfect job or promotion

Marchosias – Attract the best way to make money; this can be like a side gig or something else random you haven’t thought of. Sometimes it’s just random money from something you already do – you won’t really expect where it comes from, but it will be super obvious when you discover it.

If I was in a tight spot, I would concentrate on each of these – one per month – until a positive result pops up.

Please keep in mind that you have to set your intention very clearly and firmly when you work with these spirits.

It might be fine to start out a tiny bit lower on the pay for some jobs.

Asking for a promotion is pretty simple from these spirits, so that isn’t much of a problem (to others asking for a promotion might be a problem, but not for us).

Here is an example of the type of request to make for a job:

That you are well respected and very highly and positively regarded.
You are seen as invaluable where you work.

It has plenty of potential for promotions.

It fits within your range of acceptable pay.

Once you have the job, you might want to use one of the other spirits (or the same spirit) to get yourself a promotion.

If you want to crank up your general prosperity or money attraction, I would use…

Orobas – to attract a small money related breakthrough

Lucifuge – to attract a small to medium money related lucky surprise

Bune – to attract a moderate amount of money (you will guide you on this)

Feeling out which of these spirits best fits your situation will gradually guide you to better stuff in general –

But for step by step life change as it relates to your work life – we might use a certain combination os demons that can be extremely useful for…

Job and career related stuff in general –

For jobs or promotions:

Gaap => Orobas => Astaroth

For financial breakthroughs:

Bune => Orobas => Astaroth

Technically, there is never an end to using magick to drastically and greatly enhance your life –

And that is because our internal power and mental focus propels our results…

But we still have to feel into the present and appreciate what we have…and all that is good in the current moment and reality.

Because this is how a magically driven life, and our finances can evolve –
When you have the right guidance pushing you along the way.


Money magick with the demons:


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