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Shifting Into Full Success And Opulence Using The Djinn Rulers

Al-nelmud – Rules all desires in general, guiding you to their attainment faster.

Mudhib – Rules money, finances and wealth

Murrah – Rules the occult and magickal projection, shielding you from all enemies – physical or otherwise.

Al Ahmar – Rules Mind expansion for the spiritual and life purpose; guides you to align with your true self.

Barqan – Rules healing, speedy recovery and health in general.

Shamhurish – Rules love and passion, guiding relationships and friendship.

Zoba’ah – Rules the destruction of enemies, and rebounds all of their damage back.

Maimun  – Rules the psychic powers and senses.


Complimentary Spirits…

Typhon (Greek spirit) – Helps shift your life into success as it relates to your short term goals that build into larger achievements, then secures your personal life so that you have full understanding of what success and money means to you in general.

Paimon (demon) – Changes your outlook regarding your core beliefs so that you have no more limiting mental and emotional blocks preventing you from achieving your highest goals and ambitions.


Create Life Success Using The Djinn Rulers:


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  • John Adjei Boateng December 1, 2020, 2:45 am

    You have very interesting topics here. How to I start making contact with the djinns?

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