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Using The Demons To Reverse Black Magick From Enemies

Black magick as an attack…is pretty similar to a curse, or the evil eye – where your enemies literally want to see you harmed in some ways, and they project very negative energy in an attack to get you damaged.

Agares (demon) – Reveals your enemies for their true identities, then protects you from any negativity or damage they might want to cause to your emotions and mentality; you are protected in mind and spirit, but need to be cautious of physical attacks.

Marax (demon) – Causes all physical enemy attacks from black magick to be reversed and rebounded onto your enemies…they won’t even know how or what happened, because the rebounding damage will be that severe and intense over time and immediately. Mildly protects against emotional damage, but use of other spirits for help might be needed.

Use the demons for protection & to enhance life:


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